The big and upcoming events across the UK are getting constant exposure due to sponsors  and advertisement, we know the Rugby World Cup is coming up soon, BUT what about the unique events that you never believed existed ? Check out the ‘unique events’ for something different to do at the weekend below :

1. World ‘Bog Snorkelling’ Championships, Powys 

Brecon BeaconsHeld annually at Llanwrtyd Wells, the 30th of August sees the 30th annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships. Bet you didn’t even know this was an event … let alone having a world championship !

The aim is to complete a 55 metre course, using only flipper strength and a snorkel (No swimming strokes allowed!) through a bog marsh in the quickest time possible, attracting participants from all around the world including; France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Eire, South Africa, Australia,                                                                                 New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and Mali.

The world record at the moment is in a time of 1 min 22.56 seconds, but the competition is open to all ages and abilities, so if you’re feeling adventurous why not give it a go ? Or simply come and watch others and take in the atmosphere with food and drink available, live music, beer tents, craft stalls and entertainment for the kids. If you’re interested but not feeling competitive, enter the fancy dress bog snorkel race, with prizes given to those ‘entertainers’ amongst you !

OR  If this isn’t quite enough for you, come down a day earlier and try/watch the annual Mountain Bike Bog snorkelling Championships, with competitors riding their bespoke lead bikes through the peat bog to stake their claim for the ultimate title.

2. Cheese rolling, Coopers Hill

Why not visit the rural village of Brockworth in Gloucester to watch the ever-growing tradition of Cheese Rolling ? An annual event held on the Spring Bank Holiday of every year, attracting crowds and publicity from around the globe.

A 9 lb Double Gloucester Cheese is rolled is rolled one second before the competitors can race down after it, however it is more difficult than you can imagine, with the cheese even reaching up to 70 mph (112 km/h), as a result the organisers even had to replace the cheese with a foam replica at one point to ensure it did not harm any spectators !

Why would you want to have a mediocre relaxed Spring Bank Holiday at home, when you could be part of a historical tradition and capture some great memories and photographs for friends to see ? You can even bring the kids along, but don’t worry it isn’t as dangerous for them … kids races start at the bottom of the hill with the first child to reach the top winning a trophy.

3. Scottish Highland Games

Highland gamesThe Highland games is increasing growing in diversity, a combination of sport, culture and entertainment for all to enjoy, established as a tradition since the 1800s, attracting thousands from around the world, even making Norway and New Zealand establish their own set of games.

Taking place every year throughout the summer months, the Highland provides entertainment across many sporting disciplines, with well known traditional events such as tug-o-war and caber tossing proving to be the most popular of them all, to piping, highland dances and haggis eating competitions ! If you feel that you can eat 1 lb of haggis in quick succession then enter the competition for yourself  … with the previous winners time of just 90 seconds !

The beauty of attending an event such as the Highland game is the atmosphere it creates, proving to be the biggest highlight of the year, with each year being different as you never know what quite to expect. The spectacle attracts many Scottish celebrities including Ewan McGregor and Susan Boyle, so it could be time to bring your camera with you ?

Just to show how much of an influence the Highland Games has on sporting tradition, the modern Olympic founder, Baron Coubertin introduces the hammer throw, shot put and tug-o-war into the games, certainly impressed at what he had seen during an exhibition games in Paris 1889, but the tug-o-war unfortunately didn’t survive a wider coverage…

4. ‘World Egg Throwing’ Championships, Lincolnshire

“England’s quirkiest event” in accordance to the ‘Where Else But England Awards’, maybe you should try it for yourself and decide if it deserves this title ?

With the organised sport believed to have dated back to 1322 in the village of Swaton, Lincolnshire, monks would throw eggs over the River Eau to feed waiting peasants, having to increase their throwing distance as the river often burst its’ banks.  From then the humble beginnings of egg throwing has been installed into the local history, growing in numbers ever since.  With many variations on the egg throwing championships now established across the world, including the infamous,’Russian Egg Roulette’ where individuals must smash the egg on the forehead, guessing which of the eggs are hard boiled or not …  ”The World Egg Throwing Federation’ was set up in 2004 in order to regulate this, offering advice, ideas and establishing itself as THE organiser of the highly anticipated annual world championships.

The organised sport tried in 2011 to be recognised as an official sport, however this was rejected by Sport England, but this in itself makes the Egg Throwing World Championships so unique. The championships have often gained large media coverage on a global scale, with the organisers from Swaton publicly inviting celebrities such as Simon Cowell who was infamously targeted with an egg on Britains Got Talent and Justin Bieber, allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbours house in California, but these invites have yet to be taken up.

5. Summer/Winter solstice, Stonehenge 

stonehenge-1553212-639x445‘Solstice’ equates to the stopping or standing still of the sun.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, occurring when the tilt of the Earth;s axis is most incline towards the direction of the sun, predominantly occurring on the 21st June every year, but has happened to occur on either the 20th or 22nd of the same month before. Stonehenge, Wiltshire is believed to have been used as an important religious site over 4000 years ago with spectacular surroundings. So come and be part of proves to be a spectacular phenomenon, drawing in crowds of up to 25,000 most years, with music entertainment                                                                                       provided throughout from drummers and samba bands.

With a friendly atmosphere around the heritage site, the anticipation is not one to be missed, with local pubs often putting on festivals prior to, during and after the spectacular event.  A light music festival with food, beer and cider, the relaxed atmosphere would be enjoyable for any age group; and if you’re particularly keen, there are even spots available for motor homes, hard standing pitches and ‘glamping’ pods.

This really is an event like no other, the friendly party atmosphere created at Stonehenge adds to the occasion, so why not try it out next June 2016 ?